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One Day Speaker & Author Seminar with Nick Vujicic

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-A One Day Seminar for Beginners-
March 18th, 2023, in Plano, Texas.

Solely keynoting the entire day, Nick Vujicic wants to passionately inspire, encourage and equip anyone who aspires to becoming a speaker and author.

He will in detail share how he started his career with not even wanting to becoming a speaker, nor believing he had a story to share. Now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, world-renown speaker and New York Times and Global bestseller author Nick Vujicic wants to see others rise up with courage and purposeful intention to start their careers as a speaker and author.

Nick Vujicic has been voted internationally as the #1 motivational speaker under the age of 40!!! He now wants to empower and give effective, practical and secrets in how to best communicate your story through the microphone, digital performs and literature!

With 14 million ORGANIC followers on social media, speaking in 3,500 stages in 75 countries, to crowds as large as 800,000 in-person, Nick’s new season of life now is focusing in on sending the next generation’s wave of speakers and authors to continue bringing positive change and faith throughout the world.

He is a Christian and throughout the day there will be unapologetically multiple references of his faith as it’s a natural component to he is. Being a Nick V Network event no one is hand-cuffing him if he says G—.

240 individuals will experience this incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience with Nick Vujicic in a very intimate setting!
Event runs 9am-5pm.
Lunch, coffee & tea; and snacks will be provided.

Regular tickets will be priced at USD$379
But Early Bird Pricing is USD$279

Everyone gets a photo and a quick meet and greet!

VIP $975 (Eight Tickets Only!) INCLUDES intimate dinner with Nick Vujicic as a group that night!!

Livestream Tickets $97

Nick will help you to:

Discover that you DO have a story worth sharing!
Understand why your story needs to be told!
OVERCOME the fear of public speaking.
Crafting your story and framing the correct mindset about the HOW in all of this.

Nick will also share:

An intricately detailed journey in his own fears and the hurdles he had
The truth about the success of a speaking career
Practical tools to master public speaking: Pace, Pitch, Tone, Body language, Humor, Pauses, Eye-Contact
Tips on:
Staging, lighting, working-the-room, microphones, sound. music, PowerPoint and pictures, memorizing things, reading the room
Speaker Business Principles:
Marketing, pricing, contracts, web site, social media, retaining clients, virtual talks & future metaverse presentation revolution.
The truth about the literary publishing career
His pre-Covid and post-Covid quarantine period pivot and reset


How to make a real career out of the dream and vision of “one day” writing a book and becoming a speaker!

You don’t want to miss this!